Change Can Be Good


In life, we go through many stages and in those stages we are sometimes faced with changes. Changes that alter us in a different path. Changes that shake up our life. Changes that shake up our emotions. I recently have gone through two major changes in my life. First of all, I moved cities. Second, my three-year relationship with my boyfriend ended. I moved cities so I am faced with the challenge of making new friends which I have never found easy to begin with. My relationship with my now ex-boyfriend ended on my behalf. I was the one who did the breaking up. Now it is not that I ever hated being in a relationship with my ex-boyfriend but to be fair I felt like I needed the space. I needed the space to figure out myself more and to explore life more. I honestly feel like I just needed the space to grow. It was not fair to be in a relationship when I know I am not giving that special someone the best version of myself. So that is what exactly what I am doing. I am making myself the best version that I can be. I am working on truly loving myself. I am working on getting that fit and toned body I always wanted so I can finally wear nice form fitting dresses and crop tops! lol

I owe it to myself to explore and grow. I owe it to myself to blossom. I owe it to myself to figure out what I really want in life. I owe it to myself to become my best version.

I am taking these two major changes and making them out to be the best part of my success story. I will turn these changes into something positive.

I am endlessly blossoming.

P.S. For those going through a tough break-up, just remember "Don't cry because it's over, smile that it happened." I know it is so cliche but it honestly is so true. It is way better to have had that wonderful experience of being loved and loving than to have not had it. I truly am so thankful and appreciative of the time I had with my ex. I learned so much from that relationship and I will forever be thankful for that relationship. My ex and I were so young and in love, we were babies. All I know is that whatever happens, I wish him the best.
SO if you are going through a tough break-up use this time to work on you! Do whatever you want. Work on your hobby. Take up a new activity. Get out there and explore. Go see a comedy show. Take up a dancing class. Whatever you do, do not dwell too much on the past. You will get through this and you will come out of it as a better person.

New California Bill Allows People to Smash Car Window....


Not too long ago I discovered that a new bill was just recently introduced in California that allows people to smash a car window if a dog or cat has been left in there with the windows closed if it is a particularly warm and sunny day and if the pet has been in there for too long.

My thoughts on this is that I think this would be a good law. Too often, pet owners leave their pets in their cars. Especially if it is a hot day, it can be extremely dangerous. Even if the window of the car is slightly open, it still is very dangerous for a dog or cat. Cars can get extremely hot within 10-15 minutes.

Being in a car in hot conditions is not just dangerous for pets but also humans. However, humans can cool down with our ability to sweat. Dogs and cats, on the other hand, do not have this ability. I think this law would help keep many animals alive and safe.

What are your thoughts on this? Tell me in the comments :)

1950's Type of Look


In today's post, I thought I would share an outfit I put together the other day. I have on a denim skirt, faux leather crop top, and nude strappy heels. Now I am not saying this is exactly how women in the 1950's dressed but this look somewhat resembles that type of 1950's look. I think what really gives this look the 1950's vibe is the skirt.

There is something about the way women from the 1950's dressed that I love so much. I just love how feminine they dressed. I love the types of skirts they would wear and how classic and proper they always looked. I have to admit that I absolutely love wearing skirts and dresses. Skirts and dresses are just such an easy attire to put on quickly and suddenly you look so polished. I love to dress feminine in a classic and simple way.

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Today I thought I would let you guys know that you can now follow my blog, Endlessly Blossoming through the site Bloglovin'. There is a follow button you can click on the sidebar. This will keep you up to date with all new posts from Endlessly Blossoming.

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Bloglovin' is a great site for blog lovers. It can introduce you to so many blogs, which I personally love. I love finding new blogs that catch my interest. Blogs are such a great way to record ideas and passions. It is so interesting to see life through someone else's eyes and point of view and I feel like blogs do just that.

Just to let you guys know Bloglovin' has a phone app so you can discover and catch up on your favorite blogs anywhere you are right on your phone.

Have a wonderful day!

The Basics of Sunscreen

The sun, it seems like such a harmless ray of sunshine. However, the sun exudes ultraviolet rays (UV) which is beneficial yet harmful. Not saying that one should stay clear of the sun at all times. It is actually quite good to get out and get some fresh air and sun. Nonetheless, it is when we are outside for too long that the sun's rays can start to take its effects.

Harmful Effects of the Sun's UV Rays:

  • Ages skin
  • Causes skin cancer
  • Causes sunburn
  • Damages immune system 
  • Damages eyes
  • Damages the DNA of skin cells

Main types of UV rays:

  •  UVA 
This type of ray is the most damaging ray to our skin, such as wrinkles. This is the ray that aids in aging.

  • UVB
This type of ray is the main ray that causes sunburns. This is also the ray to cause most skin cancers.

Now when choosing a sunscreen, pick a sunscreen that is broad-spectrum. This means that it will protect against most of the UV spectrum (UVA and UVB).

Myth or Fact?

  • If it is cloudy I do not need to use sunscreen.

This is a myth. Even if the sky is filled with clouds, this does not mean that the sun's rays do not peek through.

It is a fact that some types of clouds reflect UV and increases UV exposure. The important thing to remember is that even on cloudy days UV rays can get through.

Chemical Sunscreen

How does it work?

Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the sun's rays like a sponge then changing the UV rays into heat and then releasing that heat from the skin.

What does it contain?

Chemical sunscreens contain organic compounds such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, etc.

Physical Sunscreen

How does it work?

Physical sunscreens work by sitting on top of the skin to deflect and scatter damaging UV rays away from the skin.

What does it contain?

Physical sunscreens contain active mineral ingredients such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Chemical Sunscreen vs. Physical Sunscreen

There is a huge debate on which one protects better. Both chemical and physical do a great job at defending your skin against UV rays. It comes down to which one works better on your skin.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Sunscreen needs to be reapplied throughout the day, what about days I have a full face of makeup on. How do I reapply sunscreen to my glammed up face without ruining my makeup?

First of all, no need to worry. There are powders that contain SPF. So you can retouch your makeup and reapply sunscreen with one multitasking product. There are also now sunscreen face mists. So reapply sunscreen to your beautiful faces with one of these two genius products.

Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you gained some new valuable information. I know it is said often, but do not forget to wear sunscreen.

I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Links I recommend if you want to learn more:

What is UV radiation
Positive and Negative Effects of UV
Chemical vs. Physical Sunscreen

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional skin expert. I have gathered all this information through research. 

The Rise of a Health Revolution

Why is it that all of a sudden so many people are going towards the natural path of food? Eating clean, natural, and organic products are all the rage right now. People are becoming more aware of all the junk that is in our food. Some industry experts even say that vegetarianism and veganism are now mainstream and trending. I think that it is important for us, the consumers, to be aware and informed of what actually is in the foods we put into our bodies. We only have one body so we must do everything to in our power to give it the utmost care and fill our bodies up with all the good and nutritious food we can. One thing I do not like are the young kids declaring themselves as a vegetarian or vegan just because they see a celebrity do it or they see a group of people doing it. I really hope that people do their research and inform themselves beforehand. I really do not like how some people just blindly follow along and declare themselves a vegetarian or vegan because they see someone else doing it or because they see that it is trending. Do not be a follower. If you want to go down the natural health revolution and become a vegetarian or vegan, do it because you want to be leader of that lifestyle.

I do think it is great that people are becoming more aware of the stuff that is in our foods. One book I recommend if you want to learn more about the foods you put into your body is called Eating Dangerously by Michael Booth and Jennifer Brown. If you end up reading the book, let me know your thoughts and opinions of it in the comment section.

White Checkered Romper

International Women’s Day 2016


Today is a very special day! Happy International Women's Day!!! I can certainly say that I am proud to be a woman. I may not like all the maintenance there is, but nonetheless being a woman is fun and fabulous.

Women have come a long way to have the same respect as men, freedom to be more than house wives, and to be seen as equals. However, there is still so much for us to cover. Along the way, there have been many women who have paved the path for us to shine and break barriers. The women I so greatly admire are women who brave; brave enough to actually make a difference and brave enough to not stand down until the change has happened. The women I admire make sure changes are made and that our voices are heard, not just for themselves but for the greater good of everyone else. These women want to make an impact on the world.

These are just some of the brave and selfless women I admire: Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Dolores Huerta, Malala, Mary Kay Ash, Audrey Hepburn, and Hilda Solis.

Let me know in the comments section the women who inspire you.

Skin Care Essentials for Oily/Combination Skin


In this post I will be helping those out with oily/combination skin. I have oily/combination skin so I know which products work well. I am obsessed with skin care. Ever since my first experience with hyperpigmentation on my face, I have been amazed with the skin care world and all it has to offer. There are so many great products out there, but most of the best skin care products are not so wallet friendly. There are also natural alternatives you can use that come straight out of your kitchen. 

Of course, my skin is no where near perfect. My skin has been and still is on a long journey to where I achieve my desired skin, which is all my dark spots gone. The thing my skin deals with the most is dark spots/hyperpigmentation. If I get a pimple and by the time the pimple has decreased to nothing it leaves a dark spot, no matter what. The products I am recommending are products that I have used for a long time now. These products have proven to work immensely and have improved my skin.

Masks for Oily/Combination Skin

- Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

This mask is an oldie but a goodie. Here in the U.S. it is very cheap, only around 5 dollars.
Click on this link to buy it here

What it does:

This mask has sulfur which is a great natural mineral known for treating acne. It also has bentonite which helps detoxify your skin, shrink pores, and treat breakouts. Overall, this is a good mask.

- Aztec Secret Health Indian Healing Clay

This mask is amazing!! I love this mask so much, it is definitely one of my favorites. Use it with apple cider vinegar.
Click this link to buy it here

Why this mask is good:

This mask is pure bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is great for the skin because it detoxifies your skin, shrinks pores and treats breakouts. 

Natural Treatments

- Plain Greek Yogurt

Use plain greek yogurt as a mask for your face. It is great for those with sensitive skin as well.

What it does:

Plain greek yogurt is a great way to remove any impurities. Greek yogurt naturally contains lactic acid, which is an alpha-hydroxy acid that works as an exfoliator. Lactic acid also helps boost collagen and elastin production. It is also said that the probiotics in the greek yogurt helps heal acne and prevent new acne from forming.

How to use it:

Just grab some plain greek yogurt onto your fingers and spread evenly onto your face. Leave it on until it hardens and then wash off with warm water. It is that simple and affordable and it leaves your skin incredibly smooth and supple.

- Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is known as the healing plant. Egyptians called it the "plant of immortality." Use the gel of the plant to heal up any scars, burns, acne scars, sunburns, soothe the skin, etc. I have been using the gel of the aloe vera plant for 4 or 5 years. I put the gel of the aloe vera plant on my face at night and just sleep with it on. Then in the morning I rinse it off.

What it does:

The gel heals up any wounds. It can heal up dry and flaky skin, irritated skin, a rash, etc. It can be used as a moisturizer. You can use aloe vera gel for really anything. It is absolutely amazing what it can do. It also said that it can help treat acne. It is known that the gel has great anti-aging benefits since it contains many antioxidants including vitamin C and E.

How to use it:

Get the leaf of an aloe vera plant and cut it open. You will see a clear gel. That is the gel you want to use. Just scrape it off and put the gel in a small container. Then with your hands put the aloe vera gel on any desired area.


This is a great spot/acne treatment. Do this at night right before you head to bed and in the morning just rinse your face with water. I do not recommend this to people with sensitive skin as it might burn or turn your skin red due to the acidity of the lemon. I learned this trick from my father and grandmother.

What it does:

Lemon is packed with a bunch of nutrients. It is used for numerous reasons. It can be used directly on a pimple or on areas you feel need it most for either acne or dark spots.

How to use it:

Squeeze some lemon juice into a small container. Then add a tiny bit of water, this will lower down the acidity and lessen the probability of it burning or irritating your skin. You can add more water if you prefer (or if you feel that your skin is strong enough to take it without any water added, go ahead, but please test a small area first) Get a cotton swab and dip into the mixture. Then dab the cotton swab onto any pimple or dark spot.

- Baking Soda

This is a great exfoliator. Do this once every few weeks. Do not overdo it. Only once every few weeks.

What it does:

Baking soda helps remove any dead skin cells.

How to use it:

Add baking soda to water to form a paste. Massage onto your face in circular motions. Then rinse with warm water.

Well that's it for now. I definitely recommend the masks. Now for the natural alternatives, please test them out first and do not overdo it. Be gentle to the skin on your face.

Skincare has the utmost importance to me. We have this face for the rest of our lives so why not do the best to take care of it.

Style Inspiration


Today I want to share some style inspiration. My first fashion post! This is very exciting for me!! I hope this post gives you some inspiration for the next time you are getting all dolled up. Fashion for me is all about having fun. It is an artistic form of expression. I also am not afraid of color when it comes to clothes.

Skin Care Basics


Today I thought I'd share the basics to skin care for anyone new to the skin care world and needing help on knowing what to do to take care of their skin. Looking back to when I was a teenager, I knew absolutely nothing when it came to skin care. All I really knew was to splash your face with water to clean it, but I didn't even do that. 

So let's break it down.

Everyone has a different skin type. Everyone is born with their own set of problems when it comes to their skin. Although, there are those lucky people who are just naturally born with clear skin and have zero problems when it comes to the skin on their face. Oily skin, dry skin, acne, dark circles, dry patches are just some of the issues. 

No matter what skin type you have you should always do the basics of skin care which are cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize. 


What it does:

Cleansing your face is basically just washing your face, but it is a very important step if you want to achieve better skin. Cleansing your face takes off the dirt, sweat, debris, excess sebum, cosmetics, dead skin cells, bacteria, and pollutants that comes in contact with your skin.


Some people truly believe that water alone is enough to cleanse your face. Using just water can not thoroughly get rid of all the dirt, sweat, debris, excess sebum, cosmetics, dead skin cells, bacteria, and pollutants your skin has gathered throughout the day. Invest in a good cleanser.


What it does:

Exfoliation get rids of the dry skin cells on the surface of your face. Dead skin cells cause dull skin, clogged pores, blemishes, bumps, and uneven skin tone, As we age, our skin's natural exfoliation process slows down. Exfoliating your face is big factor for achieving a smooth, youthful, and glowing appearance. Exfoliation helps those with oily skin, problematic skin, and those who deal with hyper pigmentation.


First, you should only exfoliate your face about twice a week. There are two types of exfoliants. There is a "chemical/acid" exfoliant that does the work for you. These are usually masks, peels, or serums. You apply it, leave it on, and it dissolves the dead skin cells. Then there is a "physical" exfoliant where you do the work. These are usually facial scrubs. So figure out which type of exfoliant works best for your skin.


What it does:

Toning your face gets rid of any remaining bits of oil, dirt, and debris. It helps soothe, nourish, hydrate, restores and repairs your skin's surface. It also helps prepare your skin for any creams or serums that follow. Using a toner is more of suggestion, it is not an absolute must like cleansing and exfoliating.


Try to stay away from toners that have alcohol in it because those can cause irritation. Try to find a toner with antioxidants and skin repairing substances.


What it does:

I am pretty sure everyone knows what moisturizing your face does. A good and effective moisturizer is not just about giving your skin moisture, but it should help repair and rejuvenate your skin.


If you decide to to get a moisturizer, look for one that has antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients. Also, try to find a moisturizer that matches your skin type.

Quick Review:

- Cleansing is a must
- Exfoliating is a must
- Only exfoliate once or twice a week, do not over exfoliate
- Using a toner is a suggestion, it is up to you whether you think your skin will benefit from it

I hope this helped in some way :)