Struggles are Completely Inevitable

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Life is a beautiful struggle. There are endless stories of people who have risen from nothing to going on to succeed and prosper in life. There is no way to succeed and prosper without going through some type of struggle. We all struggle. No one's life is completely perfect. Perfect is non-existent.  In fact, perfect is boring. It is the struggles that make life interesting. It is the struggles and flaws that make us that much more beautiful and interesting.

Not only do struggles and flaws make us that much more interesting and beautiful, but it is an inevitable necessity to grow and flourish. It is the struggles that make us grow as an individual, to give you a different mindset and perspective that otherwise wouldn't have been attained. It is the struggles we go through that make us that much stronger.

No matter what struggles are a part of life. There is no avoiding it, just overcoming it. So go forth and know that better days are up ahead. As Dory from Finding Nemo so famously puts it, just keep swimming.

This one song by Andra Day is absolutely beautiful and gives me chills. This song reminds me of the resiliency that humans have. Rise up, darling. Blast it on loud when you need a boost/pick me up.