Hair Talk: OrganiGrowHairCo Review

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Ever since the beginning of last year, I have gone on to lead a healthier and more natural lifestyle and I started with my hair. I want to use more natural products. I do not want to use products that have too many chemicals, sulfates, etc. basically stuff that my body/hair/skin/overall well being absolutely does not need. There are so many products out on the market with a crapload of unnecessary and harming ingredients.

I do not want to use too much heat on my hair. I want to embrace my natural hair. I feel that everyone should embrace their natural hair. The thing with my hair is I never knew how to style it. I never knew what exactly to do with my natural hair or what products to use to make it more presentable so I would always just throw my hair in a ponytail. Always. My natural hair is wavy/curly but more on the wavy side. Finding the right products to work with my hair has always been such a difficult task. I have bought so many products for my hair that turned out to not work out at all. Given from what I've learned is that with curly hair, the key is the products. It is all about the products you use.

So last year, I did my research and I found out about OrganiGrowHairCo and ordered these items and I ended up absolutely loving them and what the company stands for. I also started taking vitamins to help my hair grow and to nourish it. So with all this, I have found my hair to be so much healthier than what it once was. I feel like I have my old hair back from when I was a kid and I love it.

I also love supporting small businesses with any chance I get.

This is the stimulating scalp beverage. This is an oil that you put and rub into your scalp daily. The scent of this is very herbal. It has a very pleasing scent to it. I love rubbing this on my scalp.

This is the Re-do Prepoo. This is one of my absolute favorite items of OrganiGrowHairCo. I see immediate results with this item. This is a deep conditioning treatment. I use this treatment at night. I put this all over my hair especially on the ends, wrap my hair up in a plastic hair cap and sleep with it the whole night. In the morning I rinse it off and wash my hair. I do this 2-3 times a week and I see great results with this. I see great growth with this item and it leaves my hair so much softer and manageable.

This is the Hair Dew Mist. This item is another one of my absolute favorites of the brand and a must have. I can not live without this item since I've discovered it. I absolutely love it and use it every day. This item is a leave-in conditioner mist. This mist is great at refreshing curls/waves. It gets rid of frizz. It smoothes out the hair. It also has a very pleasing scent. 

Check out the brand at:

The company is so great. It is organic and vegan. The company is also expanding. It just recently launched shampoos and conditioners. It also has released skincare. I really can not wait to get my hands on the shampoos and conditioners.


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