Admirable Human Being Spotlight: Dolores Huerta

Friday, February 26, 2021

The woman who stood up against injustice and inequality and let her voice be heard.

Dolores Huerta lived her life fearlessly.

This are the types of people we should admire.

I am starting this new series on the website. I think that far too often the public puts a pedestal on people that are "celebrities." We put them on a pedestal because of their fame. Lots of people begin ADMIRING them. And for what viable reason, because of their beauty (which is so vain) or just because of their fame. I do not think we should be putting such people on such a pedestal. We should ADMIRE human beings whose ACTIONS are ACTUALLY SOMETHING TO ADMIRE. We should admire and LOOK UP TO human beings who do GREAT things in this life. We shouldn't admire people who are just famous for their ass aka the Kardashians. I do give credit to Kim though because she has now gained a new perspective in life and is taking strides to help those in need achieve legal justice. Overall though she is not someone I admire. The Kardashians are not people I look up to. 

The whole point is that the we should look up to and admire human beings whose actions are inspiring, selfless, brave.

So with this series I will be highlighting human beings whose actions are SELFLESS, BRAVE, AND INSPIRING. 

Human beings that we should look up to and admire.

This week it is Dolores Huerta. Dolores Huerta is someone I really admire. Her actions are just so inspiring. Her actions make me want to be brave as her. Her actions were to benefit the people, the people whose voices were not being heard, acknowledged, or recognized. She worked tirelessly for their voices to be heard. She worked tirelessly for OTHER human beings. She was selfless, brave, and inspiring. She fought for their rights. She fought for them to be treated with some decency and respect.

Dolores Huerta was not afraid to use her voice. She stood for those who were not treated right. She is a civil rights activist.


  1. Haven’t seen you page in a long time. Love your most recent work! Keep it up!