My Fashion Inspo

Friday, April 23, 2021


Today I wanted to talk about my fashion inspo. I have always had a love for fashion. Ever since I was little. I love chic, elegant, modern, fashion forward fashion. The magazines that I would look to for fashion inspiration was of course Vogue and Maire Claire. I also absolutely love color. I am not afraid to wear fun and bold colors. A show that also inspired me in fashion is of course Sex and the City. 

One movie that had huge fashion inspo was the Devil Wears Prada

For celebrities I am currently loving Kendall Jenner's street style. I love how casual but chic it is at the same time. Not only that but her looks just look so effortless. 

In this red look, I love how monotone the whole look is. The color is fabulous. The shades add more of a cool factor.

In this one, the jeans are the star. Those jeans are just so cool. Those are the types of jeans I would really treasure because you don't see a lot jeans like that. I love how the yellow top adds a pop of color. Her hair and hairstyle look great. I love her choice of shoes. 

This look is one of my faves. It is just so cool and effortless. 

I mean.... come on. This look of hers would have to be the winner. The cut of the dress. The shoes. The hair. The bag. It is giving me Jacqueline Kennedy vibes.

This look is just hot. This is something I would wear for a night out. 

This look is just pure FASHION. I think it helps that she is a model and models for high end designers so she probably has been mentored on fashion and given lots of free clothes. But this look right here is just so chic. Definitely screams The Devil Wears Prada vibes. I think Miranda would definitely approve of this.


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